What Car Has the Most Cup Holders? The Subaru Ascent

Subaru SUV Boasts 19 Cupholders!

Imagine your team has just won the corporate softball game. You all pile into your three-row SUV and take off to a fast food restaurant to celebrate. You get a burger, fries and a shake. Your friends all get sodas, food and smoothies. You all finish your meals and head back into the car with your drinks.

Most other vehicles will only provide a few cup holders. Although, the Subaru Ascent is not like other vehicles. This Subaru SUV boasts a total of 19 cup holders to provide you and your guests with enough places to store your drinks. These cup holders are also outfitted to handle water bottles so your softball team doesn’t have to fight for prized real estate.

The 19 cup holders are located all throughout the vehicle. To learn more about their exact positioning, check out our breakdown below and let us know how you feel about having that many cup holders!

  • Cup Holders 1 and 2: Top of center console there are two cup holders available for the front two passengers.
  • Cup Holders 3, 4, 5 and 6: Two are located on the driver’s side and two are located on the passenger’s side of the first row so you can store your water and your coffee.
  • Cup Holders 7 and 8: Fold down the middle armrest of the second row and it will reveal two cup holders! Although, if you have captain’s chairs then the cup holders will be flip-down cup holders located on the back of the center console.
  • Cup Holders 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14: The second row has a cup holder near the door handle and two down below on either side.
  • Cup Holders 15 and 16: These are located on the driver’s side of the third row.
  • Cup Holders 17, 18 and 19: The last three cup holders are on the passenger’s side of the third row. It gives this passenger space for one additional drink!

Unlike other vehicles that leave your kids or teammates fighting over cup holder space, the Subaru Ascent offers a record-breaking amount of cup holders. To learn more about it, call or stop by our Subaru dealership today!

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